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Polestar Technologies’ optical sensors bring particular value to the biofuel market and other industries that entail explosive environments. The need to monitor parameters such as oxygen (O2), pH, and carbon dioxide (CO2) is critical, and traditional approaches to measurement, such as enclosing equipment in an explosion proof container or isolating the explosive gas, do not adequately address the inherent risk.

Polestar optical sensors, unlike sensors with electrodes, do not involve electricity at the point of measurement. Therefore, there is no risk of creating a spark and igniting an explosion. Polestar sensors are connected to the transmitter by a fiber optic cable long enough to remotely station the transmitter in a safe area. This results in a sensor that can be operated in Class 1, Div 1 environments. Polestar monitors, sensors, sensor housings or probes, and fiber optic cables are all designed to withstand harsh operating conditions. Also, Polestar now has proprietary software that provides accurate measurement of oxygen in blends of gasoline and ethanol. You can also measure oxygen in methanol, toluene, and THF. Additional software is being developed for measurement of oxygen in other organic chemicals.

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