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Biopharma (Biotech and Pharmaceutical)

Polestar Technologies, Inc. offers a wide range of sterilizable sensor products for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Polestar’s proprietary technology enables solutions for a variety of important applications, both upstream and downstream, that require the measurement and control of oxygen (O2), pH, and carbon dioxide (CO2), either dissolved or gas-phase. These can be measured separately or in combination using just one monitor. Whether for a stirred tank or single-use system, laboratory or packaging application, Polestar offers a sensor configuration designed to meet every need. Polestar’s sensing technology is reliable, accurate, versatile, and maintenance free. It allows the user to simplify and optimize processes, saving time and money. In pharmaceutical situations, the system also allows the user to scale the process from drug development to production while meeting traceability requirements.

Accurate and reliable measurement of O2, pH, and CO2 is paramount to the survival and propagation of most living organisms. Polestar’s rugged optical sensing technology is designed to perform in demanding applications. The Polestar sensor probes fit into existing head plates and side ports of all fermenters and bioreactors; they can also be used to monitor shaker flasks and other small-scale vessels. In particular, the optical sensing technology deployed in Polestar’s proprietary integrated Disposable Optical Transducers (iDOT™), is ideal for disposable and single-use reactors.

Polestar optical sensors offer many important benefits, including low maintenance, automatic calibration, and automatic gain control. The sensors withstand CIP (clean-in-place), SIP (steam-in-place), gamma, and autoclave conditions. Polestar’s USP Class VI-certified sensors are shipped pre-calibrated, although the system allows the user to perform simple one-point or two-point standardization procedures.

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