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Explosive Detection Capabilities

STAREAIDPolestar’s Self-Tracking and Reconnaissance of Explosives (STARE) System has been touted as the single best technology investment for explosive detection research by several government officials.

The STARE System has been proven to detect small amounts of explosive materials concealed beneath clothing, hidden in backpacks or hand-carried baggage. The STARE System is portable, requires little training to become proficient, and can significantly enhance contemporary security portals.

The STARE system is both stand-off and stand-alone. The system can be deployed at security checkpoints or used in highly congested venues, especially during special security events. The STARE components are readily adapted to current Advanced Imaging Technologies (AIT) systems, approved by TSA. The STARE system can improve passenger throughput rates, unnecessary divestiture of garments, and, most importantly, ensure that no explosive materials get through security screenings. STARE operates unobtrusively and does not introduce any concerns of health or privacy. The system is capable of scanning unstructured crowds, automatically alerting, in real-time, when explosive materials are present. The STARE system offers tangible security in non-secure, public areas and a previously unimagined advantage to “soft target” areas and venues such as public transportation, high-profile scenes, and any number of critical infrastructure sites.

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