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Food, Beverage and Brewing

Oxygen has a profound effect on the flavor and quality of food and beverage products. Careful monitoring of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in the processing of these products is essential. Polestar’s optical sensing technology can measure oxygen and carbon dioxide in headspace or dissolved in liquids as well as in situ measuring of pH. The technology can be used in conducting shelf-life studies, quality control, research and development, and process control.

Polestar’s rugged technology was designed to perform in demanding applications. For real-time measurements in the process line, the sensing technology is incorporated into 3/16” stainless steel probes or sanitary fittings. For non-invasive measurements, in packaging, for example, our USP Class VI certified Peel and Stick Sensors™ can be pre-applied to packaging material so that measurements can be conducted through packaging walls. This provides the food or beverage processor an easy way to sample inventory prior to shipping or just before delivery to its final destination. Polestar sensor products offer many features, including ease of use, low maintenance, automatic calibration, and automatic gain control. The sensors withstand CIP (clean-in-place), SIP (steam-in-place), gamma, and autoclave conditions.

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