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Industry Solutions

Polestar has a variety of sensing products that are ideal for many industries. For one, Polestar offers the only 3-in-1 monitoring system (the DSP4000) available in the market. This system allows for the accurate measurements of oxygen (O2), pH, and carbon dioxide (CO2) in one system, reducing the need for multiple monitors, reducing space at a user’s workstation, and lowering maintenance requirements, which ultimately reduces costs and eliminates the need to learn multiple systems. If only one measurement is needed, users can be assured that the Polestar optical sensing monitors are the best in the industry.

Polestar products are suitable for virtually any industry or an emerging industry like biofuels or regenerative medicine:

  • All DSP optical process monitors are inherently self-referencing, which eliminates the potential for measurement error arising from changes in sample turbidity, refractive index, viscosity, or color. This ensures stable, drift-free calibration and hence reliable measurements throughout the lifespan of a sensing element.
  • All monitors are designed for easy installation and operation. Pre-set calibration factors can be uploaded using a conventional USB flash drive, which can also be used for local storage of process run data.
  • Polestar’s sensors, whether incorporated into stainless steel probes, welded onto disposable bioprocess bags, or applied to shaker flasks, are solid-state, with no fragile membranes or filling solutions. Unlike electrodes, they exhibit no electromagnetic emissions and can be stored dry.
  • An important feature of Polestar probes is that they are not made of glass, so there is never cause for concern about breakage or contamination, a concern in almost any industry. We manufacture a variety of sensors and probes with our unique sensing technologies, all designed to meet different application needs, from disposable sensors for single use bioreactors (SUBs) to probes and sensors that can be used hundreds of times. Whether yours is a biopharma lab, a food production facility, or emerging industries like biofuels and regenerative medicine, Polestar is ready to help you improve your testing and manufacturing performance.

Homeland Security

Polestar Technologies, Inc. and its senior management have been involved in homeland security preparedness for more than 15 years. We and have consistently done research that has supported combat soldiers, the civilian population, and the environment.

Biopharma (Biotech and Pharmaceutical)

Polestar Technologies, Inc. offers a wide range of sterilizable sensor products for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Polestar’s proprietary technology enables solutions for a variety of important applications, both upstream and downstream, that require the measurement and control of oxygen (O2), pH, and carbon dioxide (CO2), either dissolved or gas-phase. These can be measured separately or in combination using just one monitor. Whether for a stirred tank or single-use system, laboratory or packaging application, Polestar offers a sensor configuration designed to meet every need. Polestar’s sensing technology is reliable, accurate, versatile, and maintenance free. It allows the user to simplify and optimize processes, saving time and money. In pharmaceutical situations, the system also allows the user to scale the process from drug development to production while meeting traceability requirements.

Accurate and reliable measurement of O2, pH, and CO2 is paramount to the survival and propagation of most living organisms. Polestar’s rugged optical sensing technology is designed to perform in demanding applications. The Polestar sensor probes fit into existing head plates and side ports of all fermenters and bioreactors; they can also be used to monitor shaker flasks and other small-scale vessels. In particular, the optical sensing technology deployed in Polestar’s proprietary integrated Disposable Optical Transducers (iDOT™), is ideal for disposable and single-use reactors.

Polestar optical sensors offer many important benefits, including low maintenance, automatic calibration, and automatic gain control. The sensors withstand CIP (clean-in-place), SIP (steam-in-place), gamma, and autoclave conditions. Polestar’s USP Class VI-certified sensors are shipped pre-calibrated, although the system allows the user to perform simple one-point or two-point standardization procedures.


Polestar Technologies’ optical sensors bring particular value to the biofuel market and other industries that entail explosive environments. The need to monitor parameters such as oxygen (O2), pH, and carbon dioxide (CO2) is critical, and traditional approaches to measurement, such as enclosing equipment in an explosion proof container or isolating the explosive gas, do not adequately address the inherent risk.

Polestar optical sensors, unlike sensors with electrodes, do not involve electricity at the point of measurement. Therefore, there is no risk of creating a spark and igniting an explosion. Polestar sensors are connected to the transmitter by a fiber optic cable long enough to remotely station the transmitter in a safe area. This results in a sensor that can be operated in Class 1, Div 1 environments. Polestar monitors, sensors, sensor housings or probes, and fiber optic cables are all designed to withstand harsh operating conditions. Also, Polestar now has proprietary software that provides accurate measurement of oxygen in blends of gasoline and ethanol. You can also measure oxygen in methanol, toluene, and THF. Additional software is being developed for measurement of oxygen in other organic chemicals.

Regenerative Medicine

Polestar provides monitoring and sensing products for use in regenerative medicine, also known as tissue engineering. This is a growing industry involving the combination of cells, engineering materials, and biochemical factors to improve or replace biological functions for the repair of damaged tissues and organs. Polestar’s sensing devices are uniquely designed to meet the demands of this market because accurate monitoring of elements, particularly oxygen (O2), is critical to the process in which scientists create tissues. Polestar has a custom O2 sensor that provides accurate measurement up to 100% pure oxygen in a single sensor. This new sensor can be incorporated into a unique flow-cell design that allows up to three parameters (O2, pH, and CO2) to be measured at the same time.



Food, Beverage and Brewing

Oxygen has a profound effect on the flavor and quality of food and beverage products. Careful monitoring of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in the processing of these products is essential. Polestar’s optical sensing technology can measure oxygen and carbon dioxide in headspace or dissolved in liquids as well as in situ measuring of pH. The technology can be used in conducting shelf-life studies, quality control, research and development, and process control.

Polestar’s rugged technology was designed to perform in demanding applications. For real-time measurements in the process line, the sensing technology is incorporated into 3/16” stainless steel probes or sanitary fittings. For non-invasive measurements, in packaging, for example, our USP Class VI certified Peel and Stick Sensors™ can be pre-applied to packaging material so that measurements can be conducted through packaging walls. This provides the food or beverage processor an easy way to sample inventory prior to shipping or just before delivery to its final destination. Polestar sensor products offer many features, including ease of use, low maintenance, automatic calibration, and automatic gain control. The sensors withstand CIP (clean-in-place), SIP (steam-in-place), gamma, and autoclave conditions.

Other Industry Solutions

Polestar serves a number of other industries; these include environmental, semi conductor, pure water, power plants, and government agencies, among others. We offer a wide range of sensing products, and our proprietary technology and technical expertise enable solutions for a variety of application requirements.

We also often work with clients to customize a solution to address a specific need. If you do not see your requirement listed, we invite you to contact us at