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Karen K. Carpenter, PhD, Founder and CEO

Dr. Carpenter has 35 years of management experience. This includes government-sponsored research and development, product development, and commercialization as well as industrial marketing and distribution, both domestic and international. Since founding the company in 1993, she has successfully led the development of commercial products from SBIR-sponsored research while focusing the company on providing outstanding, reliable, and responsive support to its customers.

Prior to founding Polestar, Dr. Carpenter led an importing and distribution company, tripling its sales during her tenure. She has also served as Chief Financial Officer for Geo-Centers, Inc., a government contracting company.

Dr. Carpenter earned her B.A. in sociology from Northwestern University, an MBA from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, and a doctorate in religious studies from The Institute for Worship Studies. Outside of work, she enjoys boating, cooking, and playing music.

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