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Nano Technology

When the size of a material is reduced to the nanoscale, its physical and electronic properties are often altered as a result of quantum confinement. Also important is the large surface volume ratio that imparts high sensitivity and large dynamic Current research in nanotechnology seeks to exploit these Nanoscale effects in order to produce devices and materials with novel properties. Such molecular-scale architectures also allow a tremendous number of devices to be placed in a small area and potentially offer improved performance and significant size reduction for applications such as sensors or electronic memory elements.

Past and current efforts in this area include high sensitivity, high dynamic range calcium sensors for the detection of small changes near coral reefs, nanostructured electrodes for enzyme-based biofuel cells, molecularly imprinted nanosensors for detection of explosives in waste water, carbon nanotube based materials for wound healing and nanoimprinted sensors for enzyme separation and detection.

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