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Optical Process Monitors

Polestar has a variety of sensing products that are ideal for many industries. For one, Polestar offers the only 3-in-1 monitoring system (the DSP4000) available in the market. This system allows for the accurate measurements of oxygen (O2), pH, and carbon dioxide (CO2) in one system, reducing the need for multiple monitors, reducing space at a user’s workstation, and lowering maintenance requirements, which ultimately reduces costs and eliminates the need to learn multiple systems.

An important feature of Polestar probes is that they are not made of glass, so there is never cause for concern about breakage or contamination, a concern in almost any industry. We manufacture a variety of sensors and probes with our unique sensing technologies, all designed to meet different application needs, from disposable sensors for single use bioreactors (SUBs) to probes and sensors that can be used hundreds of times.

Polestar offers a full line of optical sensing products for measuring:

    • oxygen (O2)
    • pH
  • carbon dioxide (CO2)

Our sensing technologies are incorporated into conventional probes or minimally invasive platforms.

Sensors can be sterilized by:

    • steam
    • autoclave
  • gamma radiation

Polestar’s DSP optical process monitors include automatic temperature and pressure compensation as well as a proprietary AGC ™ (automatic gain control) to optimize readings and maximize sensor lifespan.

Polestar’s DSP optical process monitors are suitable for use in a range of environments including:

    • laboratories
    • pilot and production plants
  • outdoors

Applications enabled by the robust, non-electrode design include the following:

    • pharmaceutical
    • bioprocessing
    • regenerative medicine
    • food, beverage, and brewing
  • environmental monitoring

Polestar’s DSP optical process monitors utilize either fluorescence lifetime (O2) or ratiometric fluorescence analysis (pH, CO2) to measure the parameter of interest. Because they are inherently self-referencing, both of these detection approaches eliminate the potential for measurement error arising from changes in sample turbidity, refractive index, viscosity, or color. This ensures stable, drift-free calibration and hence reliable measurements throughout the lifespan of a sensing element.

Polestar’s solid-state – no fragile membranes or filling sensors can be incorporated into:

    • stainless steel probe configurations
    • welded onto disposable bioprocess bags
  • applied to flow cells or puncture probes

Unlike electrodes, they exhibit no electromagnetic emissions and can be stored dry.

Pre-set calibration factors can be uploaded using a conventional USB flash drive, which can also be used for local storage of process run data.

All monitors are designed with easy installation and operation. Featuring:

    • easy-to-read four-line VFD display
  • intuitive menu-driven software

All sensing elements are shipped pre-calibrated. Users simply upload the calibration constants from a USB flash drive.

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