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Press Releases

Feb 2017 – Polestar partners with Flexcon to manufacture Optical CO2 Sensor!

“Polestar and Flexcon partner to manufacture optical sensor for use with life support systems such as the mixed gas rebreathers used by emergency personnel as well as for recreational diving…”

May 2014 – Polestar Technologies is featured in NASA’s Spinoff Program!

See the full 2013 NASA Spinoff Magazine here.

October 2013 – Small Business – Big Player in Discovering Human Stress Behaviors Hormone

“Can a simple blood test predict the extremes of a person’s behavior? The keys that unlock this mystery are seeded in levels of a hormone – Oxytocin, which is a peptide widely known for its part in reproduction and childbirth. Recently, the character of oxytocin as a neuromodulator in the central nervous system of humans has been recognized. It is now known that…”

September 2013 – Polestar Technologies Inc. Awarded NOAA Contract to Support U.S. National Oceans Policy

“The rapid decline of living coral reefs has been a major concern of oceanographers and aqua-agriculturists worldwide. The well-being of our planet is directly related to the health of our oceans. The White House delivered its final plan for the U.S. contribution to managing the world’s oceans; outlined in a strategy whose goals are to synchronize more than two dozen government and non-government agencies including fishing, offshore energy exploration, and recreational activities on April 16, 2013. The development efforts…”

September 2012 – Polestar Technologies Wins Army Contract Enhancement to Build Noninvasive CO2 Sensors for Combat Casualties

“Polestar Technologies (, a leader in the development of optical sensor technology, has won a $700K enhancement to an existing contract with the US Army to build noninvasive CO2 sensors for soldiers with traumatic head injuries. This is the third phase of…”

May 2012 – Polestar Technologies Wins Government Contract to Develop Explosive Sensing Technology as part of War on Terrorism

“Polestar Technologies (, a leader in optical sensor research and technology development, recently won a $2.5M government contract from the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Deterrent Organization (JIEDDO) to develop a system for the stand-off detection of explosives hidden on a person. This system could be used for scanning people at entry points in airports, sporting events, concerts, or any place where large crowds gather and might be a target for a terrorist. The lead for this sensor program is…”

May 2011 – Polestar Technologies and Harvard Bioscience Partner to Provide Sensing Products to Regenerative Medicine Market

“Polestar Technologies, a leading provider of sensor systems for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical (biopharma) industries and Harvard Bioscience, Inc. a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of tools for life science research and regenerative medicine, have formed a partnership to bring new biosensing technologies to the regenerative medicine and tissue engineering marketplace. Through this partnership, Harvard Bioscience will have the right to sell Polestar Technologies’ sensor systems as stand-alone products or as integrated components of Harvard Apparatus’ physiology research systems and…”