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Project Planning & Implementation

Our Technology Consulting staff members have assisted clients in all areas of project planning and implementation. For nearly three decades, we have translated our clients’ objectives into practical paths forward with real, measurable results.

  • We provide a Project Management foundation that allows every aspect of your technology implementation program to be successful, including: Preparing and evaluating contract solicitations/bid packages; Identifying performance metrics and milestones; Developing infrastructure for adequate control and oversight; and Developing quality program requirements to ensure project tasks comply with approved work plans, contract terms, program agreements, and guidance documents.
  • We address the full range of Information Transfer activities with close attention to the specific objectives and goals of the program, and a focus on implementation of the technology including: Identifying technology scale-up considerations and data gaps; Incorporating lessons learned from Technology Research & Development programs and knowledge base obtained from industrial experience; Developing, implementing, and reviewing training programs; and Providing knowledge management throughout the life-cycle of the technology implementation.
  • We provide Start-up Support to confirm the ability of a facility to meet design criteria including system performance, environmental permit conditions, and safety requirements, including: Designing and developing start-up test plans; Providing proactive problem solving; Coordinating with Stakeholders; Providing engineering design change control to ensure overall objectives remain in check; Verifying performance through process monitoring, sampling and analysis, and data interpretation and management.
  • We provide comprehensive Owner’s Oversight to ensure that the objectives of the project are met, progress information is relayed to the client, and the project remains on schedule and budget, including: Verifying performance guarantees; Collaborating with state and federal regulators; Resolving operational issues; Evaluating cost and schedule performance; and Managing data for documentation and validation.
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Operations Improvement

Polestar works with clients to evaluate alternatives for improving management and operational systems for chemicals, general manufacturing, and power industries as well as for military manufacturing and demilitarization facilities. Effective improvement assessments must consider both the technical and management aspects of facility operations. Our experience with industry “best practices”, conventional and emerging technologies, and optimization techniques positions us to select and implement operational improvements based on sound technical expertise and economic understanding.

The technical component of Operations Improvement, Design Enhancement/Optimization of Chemical Processes, focuses on balancing process yield improvements, product quality, environmental impacts, and life-cycle cost. Key tools we use include:

  • Technical/Economic Feasibility Assessments to evaluate the available array of Operations Improvement options including process modifications, substitutions, and alternative technologies
  • Eco-efficiency Assessments to identify the impacts, liabilities, and improvement opportunities associated with the life cycle of a process or product
  • Management Systems Assessments, focusing on quality, environmental, health, safety, change control, and conduct of operations activities, to determine system effectiveness, application of metrics, identification of strengths and weaknesses, recommended course of action, and development and implementation of new/revised management tools
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