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Research and Consulting Services

Polestar’s Technology Consulting Division provides consulting in the development, evaluation, design, implementation, and management of industrial and military process technologies with a focus on chemical process optimization. Polestar has successfully applied an array of advanced technologies to the solution of difficult problems, often through technical and project collaboration with universities and national laboratories. For nearly three decades, Polestar has created research and development breakthroughs in optical monitoring and sensing technologies that have resulted in an array of innovative products to monitor critical conditions in bioreactors and contaminated environmental sites and to provide fast, non-invasive analysis for medical applications.

Research and Development

Our Technology Consulting staff have extensive experience in developing innovative technologies to improve the manufacturing and operation of military and chemical industry facilities. Our success in this area comes from our in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve and our focus on implementation as we develop new processes and technologies. In support of technology/process research and development we can:

  • Provide Program Management support to organize, streamline, and manage every facet of your successful technology research and development program.
  • Address the full range of Test Program Planning and technology implementation activities with focus on the specific objectives and goals of your program.
  • Provide comprehensive Test Operations Oversight to help you ensure meeting the objectives of the test program with valid results.
  • Assist in monitoring day-to-day cost and schedule performance
  • Perform focused Bench, Pilot, and Demonstration-Scale Tests to determine the ability of your technology to meet specific performance, environmental, cost, and regulatory compliance criteria.
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