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Technology Commercialization

Our Technology Consulting Division staff members work with a variety of technology developers and venture capitalists in a range of industry segments to provide assistance in the critical steps of Technology Commercialization that include:

  • Technology Characterization conducted with Polestar staff in conjunction with our customer’s in-house resources, centers on a technology’s: demonstrated attributes; potential weaknesses or key data gaps; and comparative appraisal to both leading, established alternatives as well as other known developmental concepts.
  • Market Analyses conducted either independently or in coordination with our customer’s in-house resources, are prepared in a staged fashion, sequencing from broad overviews to successively more focused examinations. Factors examined include:
    • Current and future projections of market size
    • Implementation time as to when the technology should go commercial
    • International and domestic market regions
    • Accessibility to technology sourcing, cost sensitivity
    • Minimum performance requirements
    • Competitive positioning
    • Industry trends/alternative approaches and threats to near-term acceptance of the technology
  • Implementation Planning comprised of an integrated Polestar/customer team defines the best path forward by combining aspects of business strategic and tactical planning with business and technical risk management. Most Implementation Plans, while highly customized, share the following common elements:
    • Assessing the market opportunity to evaluate technology fit
    • Defining a workable marketing approach that addresses competitive positioning, alliance strategies, and technology/service bundling
    • Defining technology enhancement/development requirements for additional testing to resolve weaknesses
    • Evaluating customer resource development in terms of range of skills and depth of staff relative to the requirements for additional development work.
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